overview #

mibcip is a Modular IRC Bot Core In Python. It aims to be stable, silent and extensible. The intended usage is channel administration tasks like logging, beeing a spamtrap and similar things.

features #

system requirements #

Basically the only thing necessary is Python of version 2.3 or newer. mibcip should therefore run on any platform. Installing twisted is highly recommended. Running without twisted will disable some minor features and may lead to problem on platforms other than Linux.

getting mibcip #

The best way is using the darcs repository. Just type darcs get http://subdivi.de/~helmut/darcs/mibcip/. Sometimes unversioned tarballs may be placed at http://subdivi.de/~helmut/mibcip/mibcip.tar.gz, but if you don't get 404 it will be probably out of date.

documentation #

The only document beeing currently available is a simple howto. Note: After moving from arch to darcs the howto was not yet updated!

contributing #

If you want to help, you can

recent changes #

contact #

You can mail questions, ideas and feedback to helmut@subdivi.de, but do not mail devnull@subdivi.de.

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