overview #

Your screen is getting wider. Keeping track of long lines gets harder. Space on the right hand side of the screen is completely blank due to short lines. Are you struggling with these? Then tcvt is for you.

The two column virtual terminal, short tcvt, can be used to vertically split a single terminal in two columns. This is similar to a two column layout in printing, just for regular terminals.

Note that this is not about placing two terminals next to each other. This task is already solved by tiling window managers, screen, tmux and splitvt. What tcvt does is create a single very tall terminal with two columns.

getting tcvt #

There is a git repository available. You can obtain a copy by typing git clone git:// The source is also exported using gitweb.

documentation #

See the manual page included in the git repository.

screenshot #

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screenshot of tcvt

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